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DWUI arrests with drugs such as prescription medication or illegal drugs like Marijuana.

       Recently Officer Hite reviewed the department's Driving While Under the Influence arrest records.  Officer Hite is a certified Drug Recognition Expert who conducts evaluations on drivers and is trained to recognize impairment causeed by alcohol and/or Controlled Substances.  Officer Hite found the following information:


     2010 - 81 DWUI arrests, 4 for controlled substances, 5% of total arrests


     2011 - 62 DWUI arrests, 1 for controlled substances, 2% of total arrests


     2012 - 66 DWUI arrests, 4 for controlled substances, 6% of total arrests


     2013 - 83 DWUI arrests, 13 for controlled substances, 16% of total arrests


     2014 - 90 DWUI arrests, 14 for controlled substances, 16% of total arrests


     We urge drivers to please use Designated Drivers when drinking alcohol and to read the warning label on prescription bottles.  Many DWUI arrests are a result of drivers who took their prescribed medication, such as pain killers, as directed by their doctors.  If you are taking prescription medication please consider if you have to drive, many pills do cause impairment which will cause unsafe driving.  Consult your doctor or the department if you have any questions about taking prescription medication and driving.