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Fake Wyoming Drivers Licenses and Identification are being used in Powell.




          The Powell Police Department has several cases in which suspects are using fake identification cards to obtain goods, specifically, juveniles attempting to purchase alcohol. These cards can be made or bought over the internet and some will even have the Wyoming State Seal and "Steamboat" bucking horse holograms.  Some cards that have been conficated by Powell Police officers even include the person's actual photograph and name.  Although the cards appear to be real at a glance, they do have a number to "clues" that show they are fake. 


Here are some helpful hints on how to spot a fake ID.


  • Use a black light to check for the hidden print.  Each card will have a photograph of the person and "Equality State" that will appear on the front of the card.


  • Letters and photographs should have "crisp" lines, not blurred or fuzzy.  This is a clue the card and/or photograph has been copied.


  • Cards that have an unusual amount of wear and tear.  Check the "Issued Date" which is right above the photograph. If the card was issued within a last few years it shouldn't have excessive scratching that would blurr the photograph, name or date of birth.


  • All cards have several different style bar codes on the back.


  • All cards have security lettering on the back of the card that show, "THE EQUALITY STATE" several times across the bottom.  These letterings are small but should also be crisp, not blurred.


  • The format of all cards are exactly the same, use your own card to check if the suspected card matches exactly such as color, shape, letter font, height and weight measurements, layout, hologram placement.



     If you suspect a fake identification card is being used, KEEP THE CARD and call the department immedately.  The person is commiting a crime.


For questions please call us at

(307) 754-2212