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Mondy Order Scams/Fraud happen in Powell on a regular basis.



          The Powell Police Department has numerous cases in which suspects are using fake phone calls, Money Orders or business/personal checks in order to scam Powell residents out of their money.  Every year victims lose thousands of dollars to these predators who use all sorts of means to obtain cash at the goodwill of others. These con artists are skilled liars who will say anything.


Here are some helpful hints on what to look for if you suspect someone is trying to scam you for money.


  • Letter or "offical" notification" saying you owe money and can pay by money order.


  • Notification that you have won money but have to send a money order or check to pay for taxes.


  • You sold an item online and the buyer is offering a greater price than listed and the extra money is for pickup.


  • A loved one or online acquaintance needs money for a legal defence fund or bail money to be paid by money order/check.


  • A phone call from an unknown person threatening your family unless you send money.


  • A phone call stating utilities will be turned off due to lack of payment.


  • An email saying online purchases were make and the account has insufficent funds.  Cell phone applications (such as Apple iTunes) are faked as well.


  • Calls or emails for phony charities.


  • Offiers for "quick fix" solutions to your home, utilities or even a computer.




     Here are some helpful hints on what you can do to protect yourself.


  • Use an answering machine / voicemail / caller ID. Calls from Jamaica are usually fake or if the call has a long hesitation before someone responds.


  • NEVER give out credit card numbers, bank ID numbers, Social Security Number, account user name or any passwords. If a company emails or calls with a "problem" regarding your account, they do not need any of these and won't ask for them.


  • If you sell an item online and receive a check, even a Postal Money Order, WAIT until the check clears before spending any of the money. You are responsible for all money spent from your account.


  • If a phone call / email is received from the government, don't use the number they supply to call. Use local Yellow page listings or call your local Law Enforcement Agency for help with contact information.


  • Be suspecious of all checks, even Postal Money Orders, they all can be faked.


For questions please call us at

(307) 754-2212